08 February 2014

The lesson the THIEF! thought me!

So yesterday night ... during my small moments of pleasure 'The Americanah' (a novel written by @chimamandaadichie) was giving me I did something wrong.... after I had reached some point in the novel I felt it was time to sleep I got out of bed and headed to the toilet to ease myself. I finished   and saw that the house was lit up as if everyone was up so I decided to start switching off the light. I switched off the parlour light, when it was time for me to switch off the kitchen light I felt very reluctant and something in me kept on saying go switch it off. I ignored it and came back to the room not wanting to delay my reading with this novel.

My sister (9years) was on my bed and I shook her and asked her to go sleep on her on bed cause I wanted to read comfortably.....under the blanket reading the novel I was giggling at the novel and its story and even screamed at my sister not to off the light cause I was still reading. After a while I got tired, too tired to switch off the light so I left it on (That something still told me to switch it off) and decided to save the rest for in the morning. I then slept off

Waking up in the morning... was good normal I started thinking of a new post to put up on the blog. I reached for my Bible, took my devotional book (Open Heavens), and I did a quick brief devotion and prayed a little into the day. I got up to start cleaning, my sisters bed had been bad for a while, the weight of my aunt and dad sitting on it broke the bed. I then decided to help her adjust it a little. On opening the window I look out and there was something really strange, The net had been cut out very clean. I called out to my mum to come see what I was seeing, and she called my dad with both their attention  my dad examined the place and then rushed outside. My mum following behind to check the back.

Outside the iron rod that was 'supposedly supposed to provide protection was removed'.....my mum saw 'The Americanah' book outside on the floor my flash drive with it, then she shouted 'Omotola where are your laptops?'.....Lol that was when I realized that my laptops weren't beside my pillow where I keep them all the time. I rushed outside trying to see for myself  what had happened, I stayed there for a while looking blank, then I got back inside trying not to cry and alll the whole thing overwhelm me.

My mum and sister kept on telling me sorry, lol I kept on pretending like it didnt bother me that much or maybe it was unbelievable that my laptops where gone! I prayed a small prayer telling God that I know this was a lesson, but he should please not punish me like this. What constantly came through my mind was all those times my mum and dad will be emphasizing closing our room windows and curtains, and how I will shrug and reluctantly go do it because in my head nothing bad will happen.

Then I remembered when Pastor in church emphasized on obedience being the key thing for this year, I remembered and I felt I couldn't ask God to help me in this situation cause He gave me a 'WARNING SIGNAL' and I just ignored it! Hehehe now I fully understood their reasons.

My dad came in the room and we were talking about it and I didn't want to mention I didnt off the light.... he didnt blame me, he blamed himself for listening to other people when he wanted to carry out the job of fully protecting his family. I felt sorry for him because I felt it was my fault not his, I still pretended like I didnt want to cry, but when he called me and hugged me and promised it wouldn't repeat itself then I started crying lol.... then he teased and said 'but you this girl you can sleep o' then I started laughing and crying. The laptops where gone! one a Hp and the other a Mac, the Hp my dad got me that and the Mac was given to me by Mohammed Babangida the owner of my secondary school, it was a gift as the best graduating student. To think the fools left without the charger *sigh.

You know what? Thank God for my life and that of my sister, thank God that I had the strength to still thank him, thank God that I learnt the hard way lol, Thank God that in every situation give thanks ...

Thank God now I have Learnt..... What will I miss most about the laptops? Probably its importance, my pictures...+ plus I had the vampire diaries season 4&5, Spatacus season 4, Revenge... even Boys before flowers that Korean love series ....0___0

1Thessalonians 5:18
18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

05 February 2014

AccessoriesNg Giveaway!!!!

HEHEHE!! today is yet another day for a giveaway!!! AccessoriesNg in the month of love have decided to put together a special giveaway for one lucky winner!!! If you haven't heard about accessoriesNg they are a fabulous online makeup store with  a lot of goodies..... and the best part is that they are really affordable click here to check out their store

You want to win? Just simply do this to enter the draw!

To enter, you must:

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Winner will be picked February 26th... good luck people

Some will ask what is inside the goody bag that will make me want to enter? LOL let me tell you

The winner! will win....

1 AccessoriesNg Sunglasses,
 1 white ear phone
 1 AccessoriesNg Necklace,
1 Aerie Lace Underwear
1 AccessoriesNg Earrings,
1 Forever 21 Camisole,
1 Black Sunglass Storage Pouch,
1 Cosmetic Wedge Sponge (32pieces)
1 Rihanna Viva Glam Mac lipstick

Is that convincing enough? go ahead follow the easy steps

04 February 2014

Makeup artist; Jide of st.ola

Hello beautiful people, hope your day is fine. I bring to you today a makeup artist that I love, not just because his male and a makeup artist but because he decided to leave LAGOS and branch in ABUJA..... Lol, most of these our celebrity makeup artist almost all of them have packed themselves to Lagos. Isn't the competition there already too much, when this guy succeeds here in Abuja, then he'll be the one setting a level were other people like me would want to reach when we venture into the profession.

Yes oo I love @jjb, I love @dorranneBeauty,  @makeupbyorsela these makeup artist are great and I aspire to be as good as them one day, I just really wish they had a branch here in Abuja too.

Below are the pics of what @jideofstola can do....

It is just soo we beautiful and flawless ...so now will we say what a woman can do a man can do better?

Jide of st.ola has opened up a branch with @Thenailbarng in Abuja ...  26 Monrovia street off Aminu Kano Crescent

Number:07035249559 |08098050156 Email: stolamakeupstudio@gmail.com

03 February 2014

Wetin Be Love? Konga Valentines Store Opens with Special Treats

Woo-hoo! The love bug is in the air, it’s that time of the year again, the book of February 14 is about to be opened! Yesss, Valentine’s Day is almost here AGAIN!

Now is the time to spice up your love story. You just have to make it Memorable! What's your plan for your loved ones? Or Are you a learner?? Are you still thinking???!!

Relax! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall,Konga.com are opening their Valentines store with plenty of special treats for everyone.

From sweet daily timed deals to discount codes to help you enjoy amazing discounts to E-Gift vouchers your loved ones can use to pick gifts for themselves to amazing competitions to guarantee special surprises for you and your loved ones, Konga certainly knows how to show love. With the numerous discounts, giveaways...Valentine’s Day this year is definitely going to be special! No hassles! The perfect gift for your Val is just a click away.

@Shopkonga on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will come alive this valentine’s period with daily cash and gifts giveaway for friends and lovers in a special “Wetin be love” questions and answers competition with the hashtag #Wetinbelove.

All our website readers will get a special discount by using the codeà AFKONGA.

Trust me, you DO not want to miss these deals. Hurry now, login to Konga.com and start your shopping. That is CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING

Do it right this Valentine with Konga!

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